UL Fire Safe for sale

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We have a great UL Fire Safe for sale in Conway Arkansas!

Fire King record safe with UL 1 Hour 350 degree label

We have a sweet deal currently on a lightly used Fire King Fire Safe.  We received this out of an office that had no need for it, so they wanted it out of the way.  This is one heavy duty safe!  

This unit carries a UL 1 Hour fire label, as well as a UL RSC – Residential Security Container – label, and a UL Relocker label.  

Due to Gun Safe marketing tactics, there is a lot of confusion around fire safe ratings.  UL has long established standards and procedures for testing fire safes.  They provide rigorous testing under UL 72 standards. 

For a Class 350 1 hour fire safe like this Fire King, thermocouples are placed throughout the interior of the safe to monitor the temperature in all locations.  If at any time during the test the temperature exceeds 350 degrees in any place, the safe is failed.  Other miscellaneous materials are placed in the safe as well, such as papers, to see how they survive the test.

The safe is then placed in a furnace that is quickly heated to over 1,000 degrees!  The temperature continues to rise up to 1,700 degrees for a 1 hour label.  The heat is applied evenly upon the exterior of the safe to test all 6 faces.  For a 2 hour label the temperature is increased to 1,850.

After an hour, the furnace is turned off–but this is not the end of the test!  The furnace remains closed, retaining the previously applied heat until the temperature inside the safe naturally drops.  This test can take up to 70 hours!  If at any time the desired temperature rating is exceeded, the safe fails.  After the safe is removed from the furnace, the materials inside are inspected to see how they survived.  If all these standards are met, the safe receives the UL label.

These numbers are important.  The average building fire burns at about 1,100 to 1,200 degrees. And it takes time for that temperature to decline, even after the fire is extinguished.  The UL testing standards are designed to reflect real life circumstances to ensure the preservation of your valuables.

This fire safe weighs about 1,000 pounds. Purchased new, a similar Fire King Safe retails for about $1,750.  We are selling this one for $1 per pound! 🙂  That’s $1,000, and it includes delivery in the Faulkner county area!  You won’t beat this deal for an excellent UL Fire Safe in the Conway area!

Give us a call today to come take a look at it!  501-450-0441

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