Door Jamb Reinforcement and Repair

Door jamb reinforcement is one of the most cost effective steps to prevent burglary.

Reinforcement Deadbolt strike plate in door frame
Picture of deadbolt and door knob strike plates installed in door frame

One of the weakest links in home security is the strike plate.  This is where the latch or bolt extends into the door frame.  You can invest in a good security lockset, but a relatively light kick can bypass the entire lock if the bolt throws into a weak strike!  We can provide the strength of steel to your wood jamb with a reinforcement strike.

We recently had a call to repair a door frame after a kick in attack. The local police had actually kicked in the door to provide access for the property owner after the tenant disappeared.  There were less destructive options available, but none that would be more fun!  Who among us can say that we have not had the fantasy of kicking in a locked door cross our mind???

Shut The Front Door Episode 4 demonstrates solutions for a door frame damaged by a kick in.  This same solution works for preventing kick in burglaries.

Burglars know that kicking in a door is often a quick and easy way to gain access to a residence, especially when a door lacks a deadbolt!  In many cases, strike plates are only attached to the door jamb with two 1″ screws.  Even with a deadbolt, a lock is only as strong as it’s strike.  When the strike is only attached to the frame with 1″ screws it is only attached to the door jamb, not the frame of the house.

The door jamb is relatively weak when compared to the frame of a house.  Your jamb is usually constructed from 3/4″ thick wood which splits out easily.  You can see this in the damage done to the jamb shown in the video.

Door kicked in during burglary

The Jamb Enforcer and products like it such as the Jamb Jacket and Door Devil provide reinforcement to the door jamb.  We distribute the force of a kick or battering ram over a much larger area that is anchored to the frame of the house by using 3″ screws and a long piece of steel.  This drastically improves the strength of your door frame against a kick-in!

These reinforcement products come in a variety of lengths.  They usually start at 2 feet and going up to the full height of the jamb.  The longer the strike, the greater the distribution of the force applied to the door.  This in turn decreases the likelihood of a burglar breaking through with a kick.

These door jamb reinforcement strikes are also great for repairs to frames that have been damaged by a kick-in.  With a little glue and ingenuity we can usually reassemble the jamb.  While this will be significantly weaker that the original jamb, remember, the reinforcing strike gains it’s strength from being anchored to the frame of the house, not the jamb!  We actually drill pilot holes through the jamb for a clear shot to the frame, and to prevent the jamb from splitting out.  The plate conceals all the evidence of damage underneath it.

Because we cannot conceal the split in the trim, we just replace it.  With fresh trim and a repaired jamb the door is as good as new, and actually stronger than the original!

Schlage Touch Electronic Deadbolt Overview

We recently made this video tutorial for the Schlage Touch Electronic Deadbolt model BE375 with the help of Elijah.

The Schlage Touch Electronic deadbolt model BE375 is a totally keyless lock.  Schlage points out it is “pick-proof” because it has no key cylinder.  I get a kick out of the way marketing departments turn a phrase, but they are technically correct!

This electronic deadbolt has a BHMA Grade 2 rating.  We commonly describe this as heavy duty for residential settings, but light duty for commercial doors.  We have much better products to recommend for commercial buildings.

Overall, I was pleased with the operation of this lock.  We have installed a number of them over the last year, with no callbacks yet!  We always recommend pairing an electronic deadbolt with a passage function knob, lever, or handle set.  This pairing prevents the possibility of an accidental over-lock.  Over-locks occur when you lock the knob in addition to the deadbolt requiring you to still carry a key to enter the house.  This defeats the purpose of the electronic deadbolt completely, and can lead to an accidental lockout!  A passage function knob has no locking parts on it, which prevents such a situation from arising. 

How to operate the Schlage Touch Electronic Deadbolt model BE375

This lock is very simple to operate.  A 4 digit numeric code grants access with the turn of a knob, and a single touch of the “Schlage” button locks the electronic deadbolt.  This item will accept up to 19 different user codes, which is plenty for most households.  Schlage has also provided a “Vacation Mode” which disables all user codes until you enter the programming code again.

Deadbolts that operate with a mechanical bolt throw are better in some situations.  I find that the motorized deadbolts are prone to malfunction in misaligned door frames.  In my experience, locks with a mechanical bolt throw tend to operate better in these environments.

Another interesting feature is the emergency battery charging posts on the front of the lock under the thumb turn.  This allows you to use the lock even in the case of a dead battery!  Simply hold a fresh 9V battery to the posts long enough to charge the lock and enter your access code.  You can then replace the battery.

This electronic deadbolt only requires one 9V battery for operation.  Schlage says a single battery will last approximately 2 years under normal use.

This is a stand-alone lock.  If you are looking for a connected electronic deadbolt to monitor and grant access remotely via WiFi, or to integrate into your smart home system, you will want to look at the Schlage Connect or Sense.  We plan to provide overviews of these and other locks in the future.


While there are weaknesses to this lock, it is not a bad option for it’s price.  As with all electronics it will eventually fail, but Schlage provides a 3 year limited warranty on the electronics, as well as a limited lifetime mechanical and finish warranty.

We supply, install and program these locks for around $275 + tax in Conway and the surrounding area.  You can find other residential Locksmith services we offer in Conway and the surrounding areas here.

For more information and details about the Schlage Touch Electronic Deadbolt Model BE375, check out

SOLD * Meilink Fire Safe for sale $400 * SOLD

We have SOLD this antique Meilink fire safe in on consignment from a customer.

This Meilink safe is in good condition with a working combination.  Outside dimensions are 4′ 1″ tall, 2′ 1″ wide, 21″ deep.

I don’t have room to keep this at the shop, so call and make an offer if you have a use for it!  Delivery and installation available.

Take a look at these pictures, and see more information about the safe below.

5014500441 or message us on Facebook, Instagram, or Snap!

This Meilink was a great safe, with plenty of life left in it.  It will provide years of dependable use for the new owner.

I have serviced a few of these old Meilink safes over the years, and they have always held up well.  I ended up taking $325 for this safe, which was a good deal for the buyer and it got the big thing out of my way!

Meilink was bought out by Fire King several years ago, and subsequently stopped being produced.  We also have a nice used Fire King safe for sale, which you can see here.

We removed this safe from a closet with a ceramic tile floor.  We had to carefully remove it and install the new safe, which was even heavier!  The new safe weighed in at 1200 Lbs!  With floor protection, a special dolly, some special techniques, and a great deal of care, we were able to leave no trace.  We left no cracks in the tiles when we finished the installation for this client.