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Safe Opening / Locked Safes

We know the feeling.  You enter the combination, reach to turn the handle, but it doesn't open.  Your heart sinks.  You frantically attempt to enter the combination again--carefully--but still nothing.

Safes come in many varieties.  Old or New, Mechanical or Electronic, Residential or TL rated, We are here to help!  In many cases, we are able to help our clients access their safe with a few simple tricks over the phone.  In other cases more extreme measures are necessary.  But safe opening is only a portion of the safe services we offer.

Our theory is simple: Access the safe by the least intrusive method possible.  There are a variety of techniques that can provide access to a safe with a malfunctioning lock.  We exhaust all options before drilling a safe for entry.  In the Safe industry, this is referred to as "Penetration."  However, even when the opening requires penetration, the repaired hole is usually concealed in a way that only those present will ever know a hole was made.

We maintain a vast database of literature and documentation of all the safes we work on for reference when the situation requires more invasive entry options.

Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid an emergency opening.  Among the Safe Services we offer are the following:

  • Combination Changes
  • Lock and Bolt Work service
  • Sagging door and Hinge repairs
  • Safe Openings
  • Lock replacement
  • Safe sales
  • Safe Installation
  • Operation tutorials

Have you been the victim of a house or business fire? Let us know as some situations warrant a no cost safe opening.